Procedures are extremely important. They maximize instructional time and keep students focused, but they also help students feel safe, because procedures help them understand they environment, the expectations, and how to best go about their work, so they can meet their goals without worrying about the small stuff, like how to sharpen their pencil, or how to meet their parents after school.

Our morning procedures

  1. Hang your backpack and place your homework in the homework basket when you walk into the room.
  2. After homework is turned in, students use this time to turn in lunch money, sharpen pencils, or use the restroom.
  3. Students will either have a morning activity on the board or they will engage in Sustained Silent Reading.

Our dismissal procedures

1. Pack-up your backpack and make sure you have your homework folder

2. Pick up any trash from around your desk and place stability chair on top of your desk

3. Line up for dismissal

Our Discovery Room procedures